Some of the basic things to know about the poker game

Some of the basic things to know about the poker game

Poker is a game of cards that are played in combinations with gambling, strategies, and different skills. Of course, the game involves some luck along with some skills. The game varies based on the numbers on the cards dealt, numbers shared, hidden number of cards, and the betting procedures.  Here are some of the basics things to know about poker

Card Values and Scoring:

In any poker game, the person who knows the values of the poker hands and its principles of betting can handle the game without much difficulty. Poker is played with numerous combinations ranging from five – being the highest to no pair or nothing at all – lowest:

Five of a Kind – This is the highest possibility that can occur where there is one wild card, such as a joker, or four deuces or two one-eyed jacks.

Straight Flush – This kind is possible when there is a standard pack of cards and no wild card is used. The straight flush contains cards which start from Ace to 6 of hearts. There are other combinations available and has a special name: Royal straight flush or royal flush.

Four of a Kind – This rank just below a straight flush. For example – four Ace or four 3s and it is not matters what the fifth unmatched card is.

Full House – The hand is made of colorful combinations of three with one rank and two of another rank.

Flush – Five cards with the same suit, but need not be in a sequence is called as flush.

Straight – Five in sequence but not of the same suit is named as straight.

Three of a Kind – This combination contains three of the same rank and other two each of different rank

Two Pairs – This hand contains a pair of one rank and another with a different rank. along with this fifth card can be of different rank

One Pair – This frequency contains only one pair and other three cards of different rank

No Pair – This type of hands are common in poker where there contains “nothing”. None of the five matches with each other’s rank.


Like every other casino games, Poker can also lead you towards addiction. So, it is quite important to play the game by being on your limits. If you are crossing the limit, then probably you are addicted to the game, which will destroy you gradually.

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