General Pot Limit Omaha poker misconceptions that ruin your online game

General Pot Limit Omaha poker misconceptions that ruin your online game

Have a look at some common Pot Limit Omaha poker misconceptions. See why you might not be such a good player in this poker format.

Pot Limit Omaha is one of the most preferred Omaha poker style. It is widely spread across the internet casinos. Alongside with Texas Hold Em, Pot Limit Omaha is determined as the most played poker format in the internet. Although it is so popular, this Omaha online poker style might be not so finely and clearly understood by today’s common player. On the contrary, it seems that every day we become witnesses of some very inefficient Pot Limit Omaha strategy, which is due basically due to some popular misconceptions about the game.

Do not hesitate to have a look at them and to consider whether any of the following myth is part of your concept regarding Pot Limit Omaha game:

  1. Pot Limit Omaha is more complicated than Texas Omaha poker because you have 4-hole cards in this game, while in Texas format you will start with 2 dealt hands. This absolutely not right. On the contrary, in Pot Limit Omaha you can rely on many hypotheses, which means that you can form more combinations. In Pot Limit Omaha you should use only two cards that are part of your hand and 3 cards from the 5-card board. That’s the best hand you can have.
  2. Pot Limit Omaha is an example for a poker game of the outs. Actually, it is more preferable not to pay such a big attention at the outs. Pot Limit Omaha is more of a game of the draws (including the re-draws) rather than of the outs.
  3. If you have Aces, do not count on them that much. In some Omaha formats, as well as in Texas Hold Em poker it is preferable not to raise your hand immediately when you receive two Aces. In Pot Limit Omaha, though, you should better do it, because in this game the aces have more chances to get you to the win because of the larger number of combos inside the game. Mathematically speaking if you have one of the possible and really happed good combo of cards, it is more effective than the potential combo that hasn’t happened at the background of so many suggestions.
  4. Pot Limit Omaha is not a game for bluffing. For the players with poor bluffing skills we recommend not to use such a tactic at all. And it does not matter if we are talking about Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Hold Em or any other online poker style. Poker bluffing is definitely not for anybody, but if you have really mastered this skill, oh my, use it bravely!

These four myths might be the reason why you still suck in Pot Limit Omaha. Try to play the game by releasing your mind from these misconceptions. We are sure the good results will come soon.

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