Here’s what I learnt during my first poker month in the internet

Here’s what I learnt during my first poker month in the internet

Find out what a one-month experience in pokerace99 can teach you about poker. Don’t miss some of the top tips about this gambling game.

Let me tell you an important fact right in the beginning of this material – I am not a poker guru. I am not even an experienced player. My experience is very poor. I’ve been in the field of online poker for about two years. And trust me, it takes at least two more years to reach the average level. That’s not my point.

What I am trying to tell you is that sometimes, a beginner in the field would prefer tips from someone who’s standing at his side and on his level. Because let’s face it – it’s very easy for a poker pro to say don’t play the Broadway Texas Hold Em hand tight, just be aggressive. But a novice in the field doesn’t even know what kind of a hand this is. He might not have even ever played Texas Hold Em before, but has only three or four video poker official games.

My experience, though, has shown me that the first days in the field of online poker are crucial. I took my lessons during this period and I am glad that I have used my mistakes for sources of education. From now on I have a base to step on and to progress. I believe you all need that base, too. Because the start is always both – exciting, but tough, too!

In this material, I am going to share with you what I learnt about online poker game during my first month. It was in a very trustworthy and reliable website, by the way – pokerace99. I got lucky to open my first internet poker account in such a good poker platform. Many players come upon scams and they definitely spoil their beginning in the field. Moreover – here’s where I should mention my first recommendation for you: on mandatory, select only top rated and high-quality poker websites. As to the next tips I learnt the hard way, here there are:

  • If you feel under the weather, forget about playing poker. Poker is a sensitive game. In a ground casino, you are exposed to the other opponents. And every emotion you show is a con for your final result. In online poker websites your bad mood can totally spoil the game.
  • Before you click on the button “join this poker table”, please make sure you really know the poker odds. Do you know what gut shot is? Are you aware of the term open-ended straight draw? Have you ever heard of the difference between the flush draw and the straight flush draw? All of these should be learnt and understood before the actual gambling.
  • It’s not your hand what matters, it’s the suggestion you make about the other cards – the cards hold by your opponents. I used to check and fold for so many days and with no reason just because I did not have good cards. But there’s no such a thing as a good hand or a bad hand. You should think about how to make your hand – whatever cards you hold – a good one depending on what the others might have.

These simple rules are like golden in poker. And I truly hope you will remember and use them.

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