Russian sport betting pros tell how a punter should manage his budget system

Russian sport betting pros tell how a punter should manage his budget system

See how to support a solid budget management system in UFA800 according to Russian pros. Discover some tips that will keep your financial risk in betting smaller permanently.

Russian punters are claimed to be some of the best in the world. Many of the best of them have even devoted to arranging online classes regarding the first steps in football betting, sport betting fundamentals and even budget management systems for bettors. You don’t have to pay anything today, if you are keen in the Russian betting style and try to learn how you should manage your budget system while gambling. Instead, you should keep reading, because below we will present you some of the best ideas Russian pros give in the web:

  1. About the 10 units method. In this method each unit starts with 0.5% of the punter’s total budget for sport bets. The upside of using percentages, instead of concrete figures, is that there’s no possibility to lose everything instead as your stakes will become smaller and smaller until the entire budget shrinks in a way to become too small to continue betting.
  2. Changing the best size inside the live bet per one event is ok only if you have placed a couple of bet types per this event. If you have placed, though, a live bet on the standard 1X2 market only, you should better don’t risk playing with the market movements, because mainly this “game” results in a failure. For you, the punter.
  3. Choosing the right bookmaker is part of your financial system and you should never forget that. Imagine you have 1000 USD capital for your first steps in the field of football betting. If you choose UFA800 for your sport betting provider, you can invest this money and have it all for betting. On the other side, if you appear in a bookie with high fees per transaction, your start will be at least 10% less profitable rather than in UFA800, as for your first deposit you will be charged.
  4. Speaking of transactions, don’t forget that not all of the financial rules inside the bookie’s policy are equal to both – deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, usually the risks are in the withdrawals. There are, for example, many bookmakers with 100% free of fees deposits, but the withdrawals in them are charged progressively depending on the withdrawal amount.
  5. The bonuses are not always gifts and some of them should be neglected. Some beginners might not even afford having welcome bonuses. It’s the case, for instance, when the wager requirement of the first account promo is so high and difficult to be met that in the end it gets clear that the bonus has taken more from you than it gave you as a bonus amount.

Yes, by all means, Russians know how to do it – keep their money safe and increasing while placing bets even for fun. Follow their financial tips in your gambling activity, too.

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