Important factors to look at in the blackjack game

Important factors to look at in the blackjack game

In a blackjack game, each player is given two open cards in starting of the game. The player is awarded as blackjack when his first two cards’ sum is 21. In this case, the player is given 1.5 times the total amount of his wager.


The ultimate motto of this game is to get the highest score below 21. The score should be very close to 21 and should be higher than all to win. However, if your scores come to be more than 21, you are said to be busted and you become out of the game. If the dealer score becomes more than 21, you win the game.

Bust cards

As above we discussed that busting happens when the first two cards, distributed by the dealer to you, have a sum of values more than 21. These two cards whose sum is more than 21 are called as busting cards.


After the dealer distributes you two cards and you find that the sum of values of your cards is very very less than 21. In this case, you can ask for one extra card from the dealer. You can ask as many cards as many you need to make your score closer to 21. The ‘Hit’ is the term which you use to ask one more card with the dealer.


Whenever you think, you don’t need anymore  number of cards, you can say it to the dealer by using the term ‘Stand’. Once you say it to the dealer, no more card you will get from him.


Push is the situation when you and the dealer gets the same score. It may happen in two ways in the first ways when the common score is less than 21. In this case you get back your waging amount. In the second case, you both get  ‘the blackjack’. In this case, the dealer is announced as the winner.


It is a device that holds one or more than one deck of cards during the game is being played.

Third base

The player sat just beside the dealer, whose turn of waging comes, at last, is known as Third base.


These were just a few very important terms of these games but still, it’s not yet complete in a true way. Some other very important terms of this game are Hole card, Up card, double down, and many others.

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