What Is A Gamecock, And How Can You Bet On It?

What Is A Gamecock, And How Can You Bet On It?

If you are an admirer of Thai culture? Then you are here for a good time. Go through this article and get to know a specific Thai-based game.

If you are a sports fan, you might have probably heard of sports betting. For example, football betting, cricket betting, and boxing, but do you know that there are many other types of sports betting that you don’t know of? For sports betting and generally, the sports we will discuss are pretty wild and Thai-based sports. Its name is gamecock fighting.

If, after reading this, you think that you want to start your career as a bettor, you would need a safe and secure website. Now here is where UFABET comes in clutch. It is a safe and secure Thai-based betting website.

What is Gamecock Fighting

Gamecock fighting, also known as Cock fighting, is a sport in Thailand. Some of the facts that everyone should know about this game are as follows-

  1. Gamecock fighting is generally much more prevalent in the urban areas of the northeastern part of Thailand.
  2. Gamecock is more of a pastime rather than being a sport.
  3. Gamecock fighting is a part of the Thai culture, so if you ever visit Thailand, you can see that every Friday in the urban areas of the northeastern part of the country, people gather in areas to watch their birds fight.
  4. Gamecock fighting is not accepted everywhere. On the contrary, it is a barbaric and brutal act in most countries worldwide and is even banned.

Even though it is not banned in Thailand, recently, the government has posed many restrictions on it. This restriction was imposed to reduce the brutality of the fight as both the cocks were armed with metal blades and spikes.

Rules to Keep in Mind

Unlike other sports betting like football and cricket, Gamecock betting is pretty new, and it can be played on all the devices concerned, including mobile phones and computers. However, keep in mind that you will need to have a working internet condition to start betting on it.

The Gamecock betting provided by UFABET has 2 chickens that fight each other. The player’s job is to bet on the chicken, which he thinks has a higher percentage of winning the fight. Your betting selection will be divided into two parts, blue and red. The minimum betting amount is $0.58, and the maximum betting amount of $72.85.

Must be kept in mind the following rules before the start of the fight-

  1. Determine the chicken’s height, weight, and breed.
  2. They must wear spurs with mitts
  3. When lifting the breaks, the chickens should not scroll their heads and split their eyes.

If you want to get into a wild ride about Thai culture, check the website mentioned earlier. It is not a sport but a pastime, but its betting is still considered under sports betting.

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