Three Sports Betting Odds Every New Joiner Should be Informed Of

Three Sports Betting Odds Every New Joiner Should be Informed Of

The article enlightens decimal, American, and Fractional sports betting odds.

Even if you are new to online sports betting, we think you have heard about the word “odds” and its importance in betting. Betting odds is one of the integral aspects of betting regardless of whether you are wagering through online or offline entities. Hence, if you want to continue your sports betting expedition with success, an acquaintance of all three odds formats is crucially important. 

Assuming you as an online bettor, betting odds will be presented to you in any three formats – American, Decimal, and Fractional. The format of the odds you will be wagering with depends on your sportsbook and its location. However, in the following section, we have mentioned all three of them so that you can enrich your sports betting knowledge and make well-thought decisions later. And, you can also secure the aspect of security and profitability by choosing sites like 855bet.

Decimal Odds

If your sportsbook presents betting options with decimal odds structure, you can easily calculate your bets’ potential payouts. Now, calculating a bet’s potential payout means finding out the amount you will receive if the bet goes successful later. For example, if you have wagered $100 on an event offering 1.50 decimal odds, your probable return would be $150. The simple calculation behind this is 100 x 1.5. The return comprises your actual wagering amount ($100) and profit ($50). And as you can guess, the more you wager, the more potential payout would be.

American Odds

American odds are often regarded as the Moneyline odds. In this odds format, all the bets are relative to $100. Like, when an outcome is labeled with negative numbers like -125, how much money you need to wager for gaining $100 from it. And, when the numbers denoting the odds comprise a positive sign, that’s the amount you would receive by wagering $100 bets on it. Meaning, betting $100 on an outcome with +250 odds will bring a $250 return if it’s successful.


Though the word fraction is attached to it, Fractional odds don’t process through fractions but in ratios. If a team is subject to ½ odds in a match, it has won more than 50%. The winning chances attached to it are 66%. Hence, the best method of considering fractional odds is checking the amount you need to wager visible on the right along with the numbers on the left depicting the amount your stake will payout after winning. Thus, bets encompassing ½ odds will fetch you $2 if you have wagered $1 in them. And, if the odds is 7/2, every $1 stake would be entitled to $3.5 when successful.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind that the favorite team will always be attached to smaller numbers, and the underdogs will contain stretched odds. Hence, although underdogs have lesser chances of winning, successful bets on them can be befitting you with more significant payouts. 

Concluding Lines

If you know all these odds formats properly, convince of identifying betting options profitability will be more. Thus, you will make well-devised decisions which in turn will increase your chances of winning.

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